Introducing The New Facebook Timeline For Fan & Business Pages

Facebook Timeline For Pages
Here’s a short video training series on using Facebook Timeline Business Pages.
I’ve prepared for you, with the help of a friend whose voice is on the videos, a full set of video tutorials for a variety of functions and how to take advantage the Facebook Timeline for Pages.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. FB Timline Overview
  2. ActivateYour Facebook Page for Timeline
  3. Managing Timeline Content
  4. Adding a Covershot
  5. Adding a Blog into Timeline
  6. Adding Youtube/Videos In Timeline
  7. Adding an Optin Form into Timeline


Now, as I have stated before, most FaceBook changes allow us marketers to make WIDER, more engaging Fan Pages. Well, today I also have for you a system which allows you to do that effortlessly!

The high converting squeeze page design of HD Fan Page Pro allows you to turn facebook into a lead capturing machine. Whether your doing this for yourself or clients, you will LOVE this template!

There is a full back office that makes it easy for anybody, even the technical stupid!  Anybody can use this system to design lead grabbing
fan pages easily.FaceBook is changing for the better.  It’s perhaps time to take advantage(?)

=> See it for yourself here, if Facebook Squeze Page, for you or your clients, is of interest.

(Note: I’ve set this priced so every one can afford this – so don’t miss your chance to at least review this offer. It also comes with a 25min video tutorial walking you through installing the app and more)

As always, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on this post and/or about the New Facebook Timeline for Pages changes.

All The Best,



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  1. yaasir
    8 years ago

    thank you for all the great stuff.

  2. Dave
    8 years ago

    thank you so much for this excellent product i will implement it today on my new page and i will keep you posted on my success

  3. Yorke LeCroy
    8 years ago

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been neading some insite on the New Facebook Pages.


  4. kuna shanmukharao
    8 years ago

    Innovation always gives expected results..Hope that your new thinking will do better toYou and your followers like me .Thanks and Good Day.

  5. Obinna
    8 years ago

    Hi Kostas,

    Just wondering if you could provide a download link to these vital FB videos as they do not play real good on my system. Took me 1hr 20mins to watch a video of 9.43mins.



    • kostas
      8 years ago

      Hi Obinna,

      I have added links to download the videos underneath each one.


  6. יאיר שאולוף
    8 years ago

    היי קוסטה…מה שלומך.
    היה לי אתר בלוג נכנס וירוס הלך אתר בלוג עם 6.000 כניסות לעולמו.אין לי בלוג עכשיו.
    אתה בבקשה יכול לבנות לי בלוג בסיסי.יש לי דומיין. ותעשה חברת איחסון בחינם.
    אחר כך אני יתחיל לעבוד איתך יותר הרבה
    מה אתה אומר???ממתין לתשובה
    יאיר שאולוף

  7. Darren
    8 years ago

    Love the videos. Really generous. Thanks Kostas you seem to only share high quality content. Quite refrreshing these days. Keep up the good work

    • kostas
      8 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words Darren.

      all the best,

  8. Douglas
    8 years ago

    I really like the way your site is setup.
    Anyway I am going to buy the app for facebook squeeze page but nothing will your page won’t load
    so I can get to the sales page and it wont load or download the free video tutorial. I had this problem when I had a lot of plugins. Any way could you please send me a link for the plugin purchase and the Video Tutorial
    Thank you Doug At DSN

  9. Pablo
    8 years ago

    Thank you for this excellent product.

    • kostas
      8 years ago

      Thank you Pablo.

  10. shabbir
    8 years ago


    i have send u an email regarding a product

    please reply


    • kostas
      8 years ago

      I have already replied with the right link Shabbir.

      All the best,

  11. Bruce
    8 years ago

    Hello Sir,
    I just purchased the FaceBook Store and have no ideal of what to do with it, or how to set it up, is there a war that i can get some help or instructions as to how to get it up and running?

    Thanks Bruce!

    • kostas
      7 years ago

      Hi Bruce,

      please use the link below in the footer called “Contact” to send us a support request.

      Thank you

    7 years ago

    Dear Kostas, Honestly speaking I dont have much access to internet and computer world and all these terms are very new for me.I am trying to understand everything step by step slowly.I think i am going to take some time to learn everything but I am trying and intersted in learning.thanks and regards

  13. Joseph
    7 years ago

    Wow great post sir. I am having a hard time managing some of my Facebook Fan Pages because of the timeline feature released. At first I thought that time line made fan pages ugly. But reading these posts actually made me realized that the new features of the timeline will help a lot in my marketing. Thank you so much.

  14. Greg Davis
    7 years ago

    Facebook Timeline gave us marketers the advantage, with the new features that goes with the new timeline platform made some of our marketing strategies much more easier to execute. Great post.

  15. dennis ditmars
    7 years ago

    Kostas: Wonder blog post….wished I had this a few weeks ago….Thanks

  16. Mohd Yusof
    7 years ago

    this is awesome i love you man

  17. Henry Baptiste
    7 years ago

    I had this paper in Kansas City, Mo. for about 20 years and I have moved to La. about 15 years ago. These last 6 months, I have been going threw alot of training how people start there newspapers. I have got better ideas from the people on the net. Than in the classes I have gone threw. I am not saying that i did not learn some good things. But I feel that I am learning better by getting my hands dirty and just keep pushing myself. And reading from some of things you put together. I guess you may say I have learned from the things I read and the ideas you. i am just old school. I am a Viet-nam vet and we get a little hard head. I was a teacher and gave computer clases and i was the Network Admin for the college I worked for.

  18. Henry Baptiste
    7 years ago

    I will be getting with in a few days.

    Thank you,

    Henry Baptiste

  19. Judit Mészáros
    7 years ago

    Azt hiszem az eddigi barátaim,munkatársaim is nagyszerű emberek,de a véletlen segitett megismernem egy kiváló egyéniséget,aki szseniális tudását ugy osztja szét mint mások aprópénzt.
    Hihetetlen energiával,irigylésre méltó büszke tartás, egy igazi embert tudtam megismerni benne.
    Csak bizni tudok abban hogy nem gondol egyet,és magasabb pódiumra lép,amelyhez már régen megérett. Egy olyan férfiut ismertem meg,aki szerénységével mindenki fölé került. Jólehet nem ez volt a szándéka,mert nála azt hiszem valahol legbelül jönnek az adottságok,egy vele született
    kiváló egyéniség. Amig élek,nemfogom elfeledni,csak adni tudott,és segiteni.Kivánok a 2013-as évre egy sikeresebbet,ha még lehet,de talán boldogabbat igen. Köszönöm hogy lehetőségem volt megismerni,és sokat tanulni tőle.

  20. felipe
    6 years ago

    que tal Kostas
    toda la información que haz presentado es de gran valor y te estoy muy agradecido
    que Dios te de mas sabiduría para que la compartas
    un saludo
    felipe ayala

  21. Don Hill
    3 years ago

    Hi Kostas,

    I know this post is over 4 years old, but the content is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. It’s clear to me that you truly understand the principles of GOOD marketing, as well as the means to reach out and hold the attention of prospects. Your generous gifts have no doubt helped many more people than you’ll ever know, because knowledge has a “ripple effect,” where your influence spreads like ripples in a pond as your students begin to teach others what they’ve learned from you. Keep up the good work!

    • kpapadakis
      3 years ago

      thanks for your kind words Don. Really happy I’ve helped a bit 🙂 yeah this blog is no longer maintained. I mainly keep it for sentimental reasons 🙂 These days I mainly work on my bootstrapping strategies blog ( You may find couple of posts of interest if you like Facebook Marketing tutorials. Thanks again, Kostas

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