[Free Training Series] Internet Marketing/Make Money Online – The 4 Core Elements

Making Money Online with Internet Marketing is simple. It is not easy, but it is simple. This post will take you through the only 4 core elements you will need in order to potentially make money with Internet Marketing. Subsequent posts will go into more detail but this post presents the high level elements.

What Are The 4 Core Elements?

  1. You Need To Have/Identify A Suitable* Market/Niche     *(as in a market which is great in numbers of interested people, amongst other requirements which we’ll go through in subsequent posts)
  2. You Need To Have A Suitable* Product  *(as in solving a problem/”pain” in that market/niche)
  3. You Need A Converting* Website And     *(a Typical good website converts its visitors to customers at 2%. This means for every 100 visitors, if your website is good, you should get 2 sales)
  4. You Need Traffic* to Your Website          *( This can be Search Engine Traffic, Paid Traffic, Joint Venture Traffic, Traffic from social media such as Facebook etc. We’ll go through them all in detail in subsequent posts, but please remember this; Not all traffic is equal in terms of Prospect/Visitor quality)

Of-course, there are other things & processes which you MAY need to have in place within each one of the above.  For example, you may also need an email management system (aka Auto-Responder) in order to interact with your subscribers via email. You may also need to know how to set up and write copy (copy is the term used for the text appearing in sales pages) for Sales pages, Landing Pages (aka Squeeze Pages) and many other things.

But think about these 4 core elements for a minute. Aren’t these the only 4 thigns you really need to have in place in order to start with MMO/Internet Marketing?  You may want to argue on this with me but I’d say the following to you:

You Don’t Have to have an Auto-responder at first to start or even know how to set up a website with sales pages. You can outsource most – if not all- of the website setup externally.  And in some cases, You don’t even need to have your own website (You could market using only Facebook for example).

Understanding and appreciating that you only need the 4 core elements above to have in place in order to start Making Money Online with Internet Marketing AND that everything else fits under these 4 elements, will save you hours and hours in furstration from information overload.

Through These Free Training Series, we will go through the details on each one of the above and will provide you the resources to be able to accomplish each of the 4 core elements on your own, regardless your current level of experience.

I wil take you through the process of Identifying and Selecting a suitable market and a suitable product. We will then go into the details of setting up your website and the tools you could be using to help you with your main task (which is to offer “something” to your visitors which is of value to them and get rewarded for it). And finally, I will provide you the resources and techniques to get traffic to your website.

Then once the above is completed, we will be ready to go through:

  • A Proven Approach to bulidng your foundation business online for $xxx per month (where X will depend on your determination, time and personal circumstances)
  •  Advanced Promotional strategies; What. when and how to promote yours and/or others’ products (to your list).

I enjoyed writing this post for you and I hope you enjoyed reading it and got something useful out of it.

Please feel free to leave your comments/thoughts below if you care to share.

All The Best,


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  1. Eliza
    8 years ago

    Thanks for your advice, I agree with you, and you can try to have a free autoresponder until you get back on track

  2. adhy
    8 years ago

    hi kostas,
    can wait to next big thing.
    I have never find such posting that very details like this, and what you say is completly right.
    I have a blog about something to share with the people for free, and the problem is Untill now i can get the right consep how i should structure my blog.

    I got question, if we plan to provide our visitor with the free stuff, is it ok to write unrelevant article?
    for example my blog is about somethign free that i want to give away but I write article about the latest trend, such whitney houston news.
    please give me a feedback.

    thank you

    • kostas
      8 years ago

      Hi Adhy,

      thank you for your comments. Regarding your question, yes it is perfectly ok. You could create a category called other where oyu’d put everything non-directly related to your niche. Plus, if the subject you want to write, is high profile news, you may also get traffic to your blog because just because of that. Hope this helps, Kostas

  3. carl
    8 years ago

    this is a great product well worth the money

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