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This post outlines a few key concepts from a webinar I participated a while a go on Building Your Online Business Foundation for a $X A Month Affiliate Business, which, I’ve decided to share as part of my free IM/MMO training to the friends of this blog as well as, of-course, my subscribers, clients and personal firends.

This post is going to “move” quickly as I cover most of these stuff in my private training teachings. However, this is the exact process outlined, that I used and, to an extent, am still using which lead me to be doing good financially using IM

It is designed to give you an overview of how thigns tie together to build the foundation for your Affiliate Business.

The Philosophy

  • Use Affiliate Marketing to Get Started Online
  • Use Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your List
  • Use Affiliate Marketing to Create & Sell Your Own Products and Services
  • Use Affiliate Marketing to Find Affiliate Partners To Sell Your Products & Services
  • Combine Being an Affiliate Selling Other People’s Products And Services With Selling Your Own Products and Services Through Affiliates to Double Your Business

How To Start From Scratch

  1. Build a 500-1000 subscribers list
  2. Pick Product(s) To Promote As Affiliate
  3. Capture Emails/Grow Your List
  4. Test & Tweak Offers (Build A Portfolio of Winners)
  5. Create Your Own Product
  6. Sell Your Products via Affiliates
  7. Capture Emails
  8. Cash In On Your Success
  9. Capture Emails
  10. Double Your Money By Rince and Repeat


1. Build Your First 500-1000 subscribers/List

  1. Set up a one page website giving something free for visitors to signup into your list to get the free thing (use one of the many bonuses I have sent you if you have been on my list; some of them even come with complete website pages)
  2. If you have a plr product (may be again you can use one of the ones I sent to you over time), set this up as a One-Time-Offer after your visitors have signed up to your list to get the free thing offered above.
  3. Signup to do Ad Swaps & Solos (see banner on the right sidebar of this blog)
  4. Buy a few 100-300 click solos to be sent to your free front end offer that you have set up above
  5. Do Ad swaps with other people with simlar small sized lists to yours
  6. Promote Affiliate Offers Selected (see below)

2. Pick a Product To Promote as Affiliate

  • First Start by Picking 3 products in the Same 1 Niche – the Warrior Forum may be a good start to pick a few. Clickabnk, JVZoo and others also.
  • Test them Against Each other and see which makes you the most money or converts best for you

3. Capture Emails

  • Your Goal for every promotion you do online should be to capture leads and continuiously building your list

4. Test & Tweak Offers (Build a Portfolio Of Winners)

  • Find Winners and Let them Run
  • Cut your Losers Quickly
  • Test New Products in order to find new winners
  • Your Goal is To Build a Portfolio of nothing but Winners

Testing & Tweaking Tools (click on the Resources banner for links or Google the names)

  • Google Website Optimiser
  • OpenX
  • Aweber for email analytics

5. Create Your Own Products

Once you figure out which products are making you the most money, go out and create versions of those products yourself and then have affiliates (start asking those who you promoted for them in the past – especially if you did a good job) sell it for you.

  1. Find a Profitable Affilaite Info Product
  2. Buy Several Others in the Same Niche
  3. Identify The Best Parts of Each Product and the worse parts of each product and write them down
  4. Create a new product incorporating the best parts of each product, and improve upon the worst parts and include those improvements in your product.

Create or Outsource Your Products

Outsource Sites:

  • ifreelance.com
  • Odesk.com
  • Elance.com

Free Tools

  • Camtasia (30 day free trial) for your video recordings
  • Jing
  • OpenOffice.org
  • Adobe(Pdf)

6. Sell Your Products Via Affiliates

  • Start using Clickbank and let others found you.
  • Ask people you emailed their offer to your list to reciprocate and mail your offer to their lists

7. Capture Emails

  • There is a reason this is repated again here

8. Cash in on your Success

  • Take a small part of your success and turn it into a higher priced product or service

9. Capture Emails

  • Has it Sunk in yet ? 🙂

10. Double your Money By “Rinse And Repeat” Process


You probably going to have questions. That’s ok. Read and try to digest what the points mean. Then you are welcome to post your comments and/or questions below.


All the Best,


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  1. Morris Murphy
    8 years ago

    Hey Kostas great post. I’ve been working towards building an offline clientelle but am also interested in building a large list to market to. I have built a large library of great PLR that I purchased (all top end stuff) that I have bought from Liz Tomey, Bertus Englebert, The IM Lovebirds, David Ciscernos, and of course You.
    My biggest problem to date is just doing it, but I know that if I am to move forward I have to start and do it now!
    Thanks for helping me over the last few months, you’ve been a big inspiration to me. I appreciate that.
    Now is my time to shine and I know I will do so as I will never quit. I have strong why’s and am very inspired to move forward. Can’t wait to see the magic happen.
    Thanks again for a great post.
    Morris Murphy (Murph)

    • kostas
      8 years ago

      Thank you Muprh 🙂

      Taking action is one of (if not) the biggest hurdles for anyone online or offline. This is more often than not due to the info overalod surrounding us.
      Make sure you got your goals written and avoide anything or anyone (speaking in terms of info overload here) that doesn’t help you reach your goals sooner.

      Here’s a last tip (for now); The secret to MMO is given in Step 1 above. If you follow the inner steps you could be making your first money online within 24 hours of a solo ad to your offer.

      Good luck and please keep me posted on your results.

      All The Best,

  2. Anslem Melvin Samuel
    8 years ago

    Hey Kostas,
    What do you mean capture emails is it Building Your List ? If so, then I get it why you have stressed on this. You are awesome man! You know my problem. But, I won’t let it to bog me down.
    Thanks & Cheers,

    • kostas
      8 years ago

      That’s exactly what I mean Anslem.
      The goal of any promotions you do, should be to (also) build your subscribers list.

      All The Best,

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